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La pierre sculptée (Le livre du temps, #1) chapter 1 La pierre sculptée (Le livre du temps, #1), meaning La pierre sculptée (Le livre du temps, #1), genre La pierre sculptée (Le livre du temps, #1), book cover La pierre sculptée (Le livre du temps, #1), flies La pierre sculptée (Le livre du temps, #1), La pierre sculptée (Le livre du temps, #1) 905352a65820b Introduces The Next Name In YA Adventure Guillaume Prevost, Whose Book Of Time Trilogy Is One Part DA VINCI CODE, One Part DRACULA, One Part THE TIME TRAVELER S WIFE, And All ThrillingA Statue A Coin An Old Book They Look As Dusty As Everything Else In The Faulkner Antiquarian Bookstore, Where Year Old Sam Faulkner Seeks His Father, Who S Been Missing For Days But When Sam Slips The Coin Into The Statue, He S Swept Back In Time To Scotland In AD Where He Must Find Both The Statue And Another Coin In Order To Return To The Present It S The First Step In An Adventure That Will Take Him To Ancient Egypt, World War I, Even Dracula S Castle And A Mystery That Will End Only When Sam Saves His Father, Or Loses Him In Time

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    Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadToo.comThis isn t the first time Sam s dad has disappeared According to Sam s grandparents, Allan Faulkner was always an odd kid, but he pretty much settled down when he married Sam s mom In the three years since Sam s mom died, Allan seems to have reverted back to his own little world One that sometimes involves him disappearing for days at a time Never for ten days in a row though, and he s NEVER forgotten Sam s birthday Sam s pretty sure there s going on then an unexpected business trip Having escaped a judo tournament due to cancellation, and a beating from his much larger archenemy by feminine intervention, Sam is off to do some investigating While Sam has lived with his grandparents, and cousin Lily, since the beginning of the year, Allan is still living in the house bookstore he runs That seems like the best place for Sam to start looking for clues Sam finds his way to the basement of the old house There he finds a hidden room, a strange book, an old coin of some kind, and a strange shaped stone that seems to be making noise Sam feels almost drawn to the stone, and when he touches it Let s just say the adventures truly begin Sam s dad seems to have found a way to travel through time And now time has sucked Sam in, too Sam is beginning to suspect that his dad is caught somewhere in the past With the help of this crazy stone and some other coins, Sam just might be able to rescue him That is, if he can figure out how to get out of the random places he keeps getting sent to, and find a way to wherever his dad went Plus, he ll have to find a way to keep his grandparents from worrying about his disappearances, and keep Lily s nosy mom and her boyfriend out of his way Oh yeah, and he still has make it through the judo tournament and possibly through the bully who wants to smash his face in I love time travel books, and this story does not disappoint For a book that s not too thick, and reads very quickly, there s a whole lot packed in to it And it s so much than just a time travel story These characters seem like real people, with normal problems It s a recognizable family that s trying to hold itself together, in spite of very strange occurrences Sam has such great adventures, both in the past and in the present I wish I could do all of it, except I m not sure I could think as fast as he does at times The book ended much sooner than I wanted it to I wanted to keep reading and about Sam, and his family, and his travels Maybe I can find a time traveling stone to the future, so I can read all of the books that I hope come next Even if I have to wait, I look forward to as many of these as I can get.

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    All I could think of as I was reading this book was that it would make a great BBC children s mini series The uncontrollable nature of the time jumps reminded me of early Doctor Who episodes, where you never knew when and where the TARDIS was going to take you The translation from the French was very well done, which might be accounted for by the fact that the story was action based rather than based on abstracts, which are difficult to translate I m pleased to see that there are sequels to this, which I plan to read as soon as I can Recommended

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    This book is a story about a boy named Sam Faulkner who finds a way to travel trough time when he goes looking for his missing father The way to travel is a strange stone statue with an image of the sun with six rays carved into it The way to activate the statue is to place a coin with a hole in the middle in the sun carving, and the statue takes you to another time period and area in the world There s only one snag you can t control the time period or place you go to When Sam activates the statue, it sends him back to 700 800 A.D on and island where monks worship God and Christ The island ends up getting attacked by Vikings and sacked Luckily, this happens just as Sam is using the statue to leave Next he goes to World War ll, and he is in the middle of a battle After that, he goes to ancient Egypt and helps prevent an assassination The person he saves helps get him back to his own time In his own time, his aunt is dating a creep named Rudolf who is just being a jerk to everybody, and she still supports him Rudolf doesn t end up getting dumped, but I think he will in the next book or two This book is by Guillaume Pr vost, who I think wrote this book to show that time travel is possible, but maybe not with machines I think his point was that we might be able to use the sun to time travel My favorite part of the book is when Sam is in the martial arts contest and is going against Monk, a bully who must weigh 350 pounds and always makes it to the finals because he simply crushes those who get in his way and uses an after affect of time traveling seeing echos or repeats of what just happened or previews of what is about to happen in this case the latter to his advantage to dodge Monks attacks easily and then wins by default when Monk threatens him, which is against the martial arts rules and gets you automatically disqualified It must have been so frustrating for Monk to see his attacks fail and then get disqualified, but he deserved it I could connect to the part in the book where Sam is wondering where the heck his father is and when and if he will come home I remember when my cat, Patches or Patch for short, got lost for three months and I was wondering if I was ever going to see her again and I was so relieved when the person who runs the kennel in Grantham, NH who we take Patch to when we go on trips called us and said that she had found Patch and was keeping her at the kennel I learned that when writing a book, you want to add a lot of bad and good characters to keep the story interesting This was an awesome book and I really recommend it to those who like history, fantasy and plenty of adventure.

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    Time travel adventure Samuel Faulkner s trouble with time started at 9 48 Saturday morning first sentence Sam s father is missing While searching the basement of his father s antique bookstore, Sam finds a statue, a book and a coin Sam inserts the coin in the statue and is transported back to Scotland in 800 A.D Every time Sam travels, he must find another coin to use the statue again But how can he get home, and where is his father This is an exciting adventure Sam travels from the time of the Vikings, to World War 1, to ancient Egypt He also faces troubles at home with bullies, and his step uncle He grows and learns from each of his travels, and becomes stronger as well Young readers will be drawn into Sam s experience and maybe learn a bit of history along the way Prevost originally wrote historical mysteries for adults and makes every effort to keep the historical information accurate His goal according to the interview in the back of the book , is to show kids that History is fascinating This is the first book in a trilogy Recommended to Readers in grades 4 8 who enjoy adventure, time travel or history.

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    Sam Faulkner turns fourteen at the beginning of The Book of Time His father has disappeared almost two weeks previously and hasn t been heard from We find out that although Sam s father does have a history of disappearing it s only for a few days at the most he s never been gone this long before Sam s mother was killed in a car accident three years earlier, so due to the length of his father s absence Sam is staying with his grandparents.Understandably preoccupied with worry about his father s whereabouts and whether or not he will return, Sam retuns to their temporarily empty home In searching for some clue as to where and why his father has disappeared Sam discovers a large, oddly shaped stone with the image of a sun carved into it Sam describes it as looking like a Paleolithic peanut dispenser When Sam fits a small coin with a hole in its center into the stone he is transported through time to a monastery on the island of Iona in the Middle Ages.Sam helps to save several valuable illuminated manuscripts at the monastery before he is transported by the stone to a battlefield in World War I In the World War I setting he helps to rescue a fallen soldier before being transported a third time to a tomb building site in ancient Egypt It is in Egypt that Sam encounters a priest who informs Sam that he was told by his father of Sam s imminent arrival Confused but encouraged by this new information Sam finds himself transported back to the basement of the home he shares with his father His cousin Lily is there, having come to look for him The two cousins decide to tackle the mystery of the stone and its time travel abilities and what it has to do with the disappearance of Sam s father.It is at this point that the story s pace picks up Lily s mother Sam s Aunt Evelyn is dating a man named Rudolf who seems to be inexplicably intent on punishing Sam and portraying him as a juvenile delinquent Sam s grandparents reveal details from his father s past that lead Sam to believe his father s disappearances including the current one are a result of traveling through time with the mysterious stone.Sam and Lilly begin to suspect that Sam s father is trapped somewhere in time Sam, of course, feels he must rescue his father His first attempt to do so results in a dangerous encounter with an evil constable cum alchemist in late fourteenth early fifteenth century Bruges When Sam returns from this untimely misdirection Lily has discovered a message from his father, sent through time in the pages of a library book entitled Bran, Dracula s Castle on a cell wall six centuries earlier are the etched words HELP ME SAM.This is where the book ends As a reader I was disappointed and frustrated I felt as though the author had wasted a lot of time taking me to places and times that didn t really have anything to do with the main storyline, just to leave me hanging and needing to find a SECOND book to finish what I had started with THIS book There is also a secondary plot about Sam and a bully named Monk and aKarate Kid like judo competition which, again, seems unrelated to the main events of the story.Unless you plan from the beginnig to read the next book, I would not recommend The Book of Time because, in my opinion, it does not stand well on its own There are far too many details and events that do not make sense in the context of the main plot the character of Rudolf, three out of four of Sam s time travel adventures and the whole bully judo thing Having not yet read the second book where all these things may make some sense I find The Book of Time to be a deeply dissatisfying read.

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    I was in the library today and I saw this book No idea who the author is but the title of the book is catchy, so I borrowed itThe story was slow at first then you get hooked cause you want to know where and what time would he be brought to the next timeAllan Faulkner is Sam s dad, he owns an antique book shop He left to go somewhere 10 days ago without any communication to his mother, father and son, not even a phone call Sam s mother died not very long ago and his father is somehow still grieving.Sam went to the antique book shop and discovered a hidden space in the cellar And he discovered a dusty book, stone statue and coin Then he got transported somewhere in Ireland at the time of the Vikings how this happened, I m still not sure and still reading this book for some explanation.There s a treasurethe Vikings attacked the village of monks Sam has to save the treasurethen he found the stone and disappeared to another different time and place again Where, we Sam and I have no idea at allHe s maybe somewhere in France during World War 1 Sam saved a French soldier He gave Sam an old medal coin which was the same coin he used the first time They were attacked Everywhere he goes are being attacked He disappeared againwhere and what time, again no idea Sam is in Egypt but no clue what year yet He was at the time when Ahmosis father s tomb was being constructed Ahmosis explained somethings to him and gave him a scarab ring He was able to get back to his own time and place.His grandfather explained that his dad also disappeared when he was in college Sam and his cousin Lily started to research all the times and people Sam met during his travels and this led them to think the his dad is somewhere in Romania during Vlad the Impaler s time.His next adventure took him to Belgium where he met the great ancestor of the love of his life Alicia Sam returned to his time and won the judo tournament Lily found a picture in a book that told them where Allan is

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    Spoilers This book is probably the greatest book i have ever readSo it all starts with sam our main protagonist talking its cool ok theres a kid named sam all normal but his dad is missing not missing missing since his dad usually disappears for 2 to 3 days but no his dad has been gone for 10 days so sam wants to find a clue at where his dad has gone so he goes to his dads book store to find some but in going to the basement he finds a stone sure its cool and he finds a coin he has a feeling he has to put the coin into the stone and touches it BOOM plot twist the stone is a time machine it sends him to all these different places like iona world war 1 bruges it has a different story in every place that he visits I would rate this book a five out of a five since its pretty cool if you like time traveling and action i recommend this book to you since its pretty awesome i learned about world war one and other places then i have learned in school which is cool this book is great and i recommend it to anyone who likes a good book

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    First, let me say that I am big fan of the time travel sub genre I wanted to like this book All the ingredients were there an ingenious way to travel, intreguing destinations, even a way to connect with the present time but the whole time I was reading, it felt like something was missing from both the characters and the plot I couldn t put my finger on it Nothing seemed to join the destinations together and I never got a clear picture of the individual characters in my head Why did they go where they did Since I develop a relationship with the characters first, this was frustrating for me Then I realized that this book is a translated work from the original French Perhaps that s why it doesn t feel like other books I ve read I think my middle schoolers will still enjoy this book and others in the series, but I m going to pass.

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    close This was an excellent book, which reminded me very much of the beloved Mythquest series on PBS, abdout two sibs who go through time and myths to find their father This is historically based, and ended with a wham Now I have to see where I can get book 2, and hope the series does not drag on for years.

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    This time travel adventure is a little slow in parts or maybe it was the narrator, as I was listening on CD but overall a great adventure Part Time Machine and part Karate Kid, Sam is drawn into time travel while searching for his father, who has disappeared Will Sam find him with the help of his cousin And what is he going to do about the bully in his Judo class

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