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    finally, someone unpacks Lacanian theory for me thank you, Mari

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    A keeper I rarely want to re read a book while reading it, but that s how the first part of this felt Last chapter, on love, and the concluding remarks on the problems with Zizek s and Badiou s criticisms of multiculturalism, were a bit obvious and seemed tacked on.

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    pretty dense for lay people

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    She definitely has beef with some dude named Zizek.

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    Mari Ruti s The Singularity of Being is a breath of fresh air in a crowded field of post Lacanian scholarship Against those who would read Lacan as a pessimist of the social world, conceiving it as a violent arena which simply binds and coerces those who dwell amongst it, Ruti s Lacan is one who holds out for the revivifying powers of the social, its capacity to cultivate and nourish the immortal seed of singularity that each life harbors within A Lacan returned to the clinic less concerned with the monstrous and inhuman dimensions of human existence for the sake of radical politics, than with the everyday concerns of quotidian being.All of which is not to say that Ruti doesn t recognize the value in a revolutionary Lacan, in which to put it in properly Lacanian terms the deracinating energies of the Real are pitted against the hegemonic and normative ensnarements of the Symbolic Only that such stances are not altogether always sustainable for the day to day living of flesh and blood subjects Not everyone can so simply throw to the wind their deep rooted investments in their particular modes of existence Instead Ruti argues, one should recognize, as Lacan did, the emancipatory potentials of those investments themselves, a resource by which to carve out a distinct figure of singularity in and amongst the pressures to conformity and social resignation.To this end, she attempts to develop and outline an ethics of sublimity wherein moments and elements of the everyday can be raised to dignity of the sublime , offering us way to work with, rather than against, the milieu in which we reside Although moving in a largely positive register, Ruti s targets here are the works of Slavoj Zizek and Alain Badiou, both of whom inflect Lacan s teachings in the direction of an ethics of the Act or the Event , for which only a total interruption of reigning order can afford us a measure of freedom One gets the feeling that at stake here is ultimately a strong difference of emphasis, although given the massive influence of both Zizek and Badiou in the field, it s an emphasis that ought to be welcomed by anyone trying to think through the issues in question.Philosophers like Eric Santner, Alenka Zupancic, Judith Butler and Emmanuel Levinas also make their appearance here as interlocutors, but Ruti uses them to shore up her already excellently argued points, rather than as crutches to advance an argument Indeed, one of the joys of reading The Singularity of Being is for the wonderfully flowing discussions, which tackle complex points in clear and passionate language You ll be hard pressed to find a better articulation of the psychoanalytic relationship between desire and drive which is presented here, for instance Couple all of this with some interventions on love and the politics of multiculturalism, and it s a book to return to, time and time again.

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    This book was a great experience The information and theories presented and interacted with were extremely stimulating and challenging and brought about in a very fair and open manner The scholarship here is excellent I ve been wanting to learn about Lacan since I read a book by Tina Beattie last year, I found it so moving and interesting that a Feminist Catholic Theologian like Tina Beattie would use Lacan as a major grounding point in her work, and I really want to read by her, so I decided to learn a little bit about Lacan first.This is, I guess, an overall commentary and interaction with Lacan and post Lacanian studies The author presents her own views and theories as she interacts with several different scholars both in and around Lacanian studies At first this book was dense as fuck but the I read it the sense it made and the easier to process and understand and interact with it became I don t read a ton of theory but I ve been wanting to and and this book was really good for that.The different points of discussion were all really worth while and thought provoking and a lot of attention was given to several different standing places within each topic Mari Ruti definitely cited several scholars as much as she presented her own work Overall this book has a lot of powerful feeling and emotive possibility and wasn t dry in the slightest.I d definitely recommend to someone who doesn t have a ton of experiencing working with theoretical texts, it s challenging but definitely accessible to the novice Overall I m definitely glad I read this

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    While the jargon of psychoanalytic theory is largely mystifying for me, I really enjoyed the examination of concepts that I actually could understand, particularly modern apathy and its causes Although this book is obviously intended for academics, an effort has at least been made by the author to make the subject matter accessible to a wider readership If you have an interest in philosophy, particularly with regards to psychoanalysis, and a drive to tackle challenging material, you ll feel rewarded by making it to the end of this book.

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    One of the best examples of post Lacanian Lacan books I ve read Mari Ruti writes well, which is a huge help The singularity she deals with here is something that needed exploring in contrast to subjectivity It works to get at some of the neglected parts of Lacan in English psychoanalytic lit.

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The Singularity of Being download The Singularity of Being , read online The Singularity of Being , kindle ebook The Singularity of Being , The Singularity of Being b845e588998c The Singularity Of Being Presents A Lacanian Vision Of What Makes Each Of Us An Inimitable And Irreplaceable Creature It Argues That, Unlike The Subject Who Comes Into Existence As A Result Of Symbolic Prohibition Or The Person Who Is Aligned With The Narcissistic Conceits Of The Imaginary , The Singular Self Emerges In Response To A Galvanizing Directive Arising From The Real This Directive Carries The Force Of An Obligation That Cannot Be Resisted And That Summons The Individual To A Character Beyond His Or Her Social Investments Consequently, Singularity Expresses Something About The Individual S Non Negotiable Distinctiveness, Eccentricity, Or Idiosyncrasy At The Same Time It Prevents Both Symbolic And Imaginary Closure It Opens To Layers Of Rebelliousness, Indicating That There Are Components Of Human Life Exceeding The Realm Of Normative SocialityWritten With An Unusual Blend Of Rigor And Clarity, The Singularity Of Being Combines Incisive Readings Of Lacan With The Best Insights Of Recent Lacanian Theory To Reach Beyond The Dogmas Of The Field Moving From What, Thanks In Part To Slavoj Zizek, Has Come To Be Known As The Ethics Of The Act To A Nuanced Interpretation Of Lacan S Ethics Of Sublimation, The Book Offers A Sweeping Overview Of Lacan S Thought While Making An Original Contribution To Contemporary Theory And Ethics Aimed At Specialists And Nonspecialists Alike, The Book Manages To Educate At The Same Time As It Intervenes In Current Debates About Subjectivity, Agency, Resistance, Creativity, The Self Other Relationship, And Effective Political And Ethical Action By Focusing On The Lacanian Real, Ruti Honors The Uniqueness Of Subjective Experience Without Losing Sight Of The Social And Intersubjective Components Of Human Life