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    This series about Little Witch has endeared itself to me I love them Lieve creates tone and mood and Little Witch is a fantastic character In this one a suitcase ends up on her doorstep and she can t open it She goes all over to open it Finally, she figures out how to open it all on her own She follows the instructions and ends up at Witch School where the suitcase was meant for a much older and smarter witch, but she had to be clever to open it.Once again, there are two large open up pages where we have a scene set and you read and to see the action you open the page My nephew adores these He can t wait to open them Besides this being about witches, it s not really a Halloween book, but it s a good time to read it still The niece really enjoyed this book to She gave it 4 stars and she likes her witch costume better than Little Witch The Nephew gave it 4 stars as well and he thought it a clever book He used that word clever.I hope there are of these I have only found 4 and I want to read I m going to see what else Lieve has in English She has some skill.

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    That adventuresome little witch Lizzy, who made her picture book debut in Lieve Baeten s The Curious Little Witch , and who has also appeared in Up and Away with the Little Witch and Happy Birthday, Little Witch , once again takes to the skies in The Clever Little Witch, attempting to discover the secrets of the little pink suitcase deposited on her doorstep one evening Impervious to her opening spell Hocus pocus, witch s ride, Little suitcase, open wide the suitcase remains determinedly closed although everything else pops open , and all the witches that Lizzy consults, from the Witch Doctor at the hospital, to the Traveling Witch at the train station, inform her that it is the little suitcase for big witches Will Lizzy ever get the suitcase open If and when she does, what will it reveal Although it is only the fourth of Baeten s five Little Witch books to be translated into English De Kerstboom Van Lotje has yet to appear, although I have high hopes that it will, this coming holiday season The Clever Little Witch Slimme Lotje in the original Dutch appears to be the last story written, and was published posthumously, after the author s tragic death in a car accident in 2001 Found amongst Baeten s papers, with outline illustrations that were completed by her son, Wietse Fossey, it is every bit as engaging as its predecessors, with the same charming details of story and artwork, as well as some of the same innovative paper engineering In addition to pages that fold out to twice the length of the book, permitting a fuller landscape view, there is a fold out letter here, which Lizzy reads once the suitcase is opened, and which leads to a wonderful new world I loved that the suitcase, which tantalizes our witchy heroine, eventually leads to view spoiler witch school, hide spoiler

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    Darling illustrations accompany this wonderful story of a young witch who can t open a suitcase She tries the opening spell several times, causing doors, windows, other suitcases and a variety of other things to openbut the suitcase stays shut She is told by others that this is the little suitcase for big witches and she won t be able to open it until she is big enough The clever little witch will keep tryingbut will she succeed

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    The books about Lotje Lizzy for some reason in English translation are all absolutely amazing The illustrations alone provide an endless entertainment I only wish the translation would be better or I could get the original Calling Lotje the Clever Witch is annoying We only learn her name four pages in Why Isn t it normal to first learn the name of a person you are talking with

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    As the others in this series, the book consists of a story coupled with some kind of unusual cut of paper In this book, every couple of pages has a pull out page to illustrate how a room has changed after a spell For example, on one right hand page has a discussion with a doctor and the left hand page shows a tidy hospital room Halfway through a spell is cast and when you open the full page sized flap, the page illustrates a chaotic mess on the double spread One page has a letter to open.The story is simple but cute, the drawings are absolutely adorable and the message is nice keep trying and thinking hard The little witch eventually figures it out and is told she s clever She later says to herself that she has always been clever She has healthy self esteem.I really enjoyed the book but in particularly my kids really loved the part in the beginning when the little witch is teaching her cat math One wee wee plus another wee wee make She s sitting on the toilet The book is so matter of fact I love books written in other countries Here the book could be about potty but I don t recall one where the character uses taking a pee to count and then moves on.I love it.

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    A nice back to school book, The Clever Little Witch may also be a nice book to share with younger siblings who are have been told You are too young As the little witch tries and tries to unlock a mysterious suitcase, Baeton and Fossey s illustrations will be fun to pour over, looking for everything opened even a flower bloomed Although the text is not as strong as the illustrations, in my opinion this is not always a bad thing for a book aimed at such young readers The illustrations are themselves eminently readable so adults, take your time with the child at your side and enjoy this delightful little tale.

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    A friendly, little witch receives a mysterious suitcase at her doorstep Using her rudimentary skills in magic, she tries unsuccessfully to open it Hoping to reveal its contents, she seeks the advice of a variety of grown up witches, but they simply inform her she will have to wait until she is older and clever Undeterred by their suggestions and determined by her curiosity, she thinks and thinks about what she could do With lovely, detailed illustrations and pull out pages, Lieve Baeten and Wietse Fossey remind us that big ideas can come from little places.

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    A cute little story that is made fun by the fold out pages and the letter you have to unfold to read I like books like this a lot and remember as a child, the delight I felt with things like this, that give you something a little bit to explore A fun book to add to your Halloween reading list

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    I fell in love with Little Witch when I read Up and Away with Little Witch, and this title charms me too I really like how the puzzle Little Witch has to figure out is one that the kids reading the book can guess at too I also like how all the big witches are so philosophical and unfazed at the mess Little Witch leaves behind when her spells misfire.

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    Clever is the work to describe the Clever little witch book Little witch finds a suitcase on her front porch and discovers she can t magic it open She flies around asking for help from various people who tell her basically that when she is big enough she will be able to open it She went home but kept at it until she figured out the solution.

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Slimme Lotje download Slimme Lotje, read online Slimme Lotje, kindle ebook Slimme Lotje, Slimme Lotje f2e63437d6af Lizzy Finds A Suitcase Standing In Front Of Her Witch S House She D Love To Know What S Inside It But No Matter How Often She Repeats The Magic Spell, The Little Suitcase Remains Closed Lizzie Is Going To Need To Use All Of Her Clever Tricks If She Wants To Find Out What S Inside