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    I used to love these books when I was a kid Felicity was my particular favorite, though, with Molly ranking somewhere behind Samantha and Addy, and possibly also behind Kirsten Sorry, Molly But at any rate, I think I can safely point to the American Girls series as being the catalyst for my lifelong love of historical fiction, and this is book especially stands out in my mind It s a cute story, with an Obvious Message, though not so Anvilicious as to turn off the target audience, I don t think And it s a quick, light read too, with just enough history woven in where it s needed to make things flow smoothly, which should be a plus if you re struggling with a reluctant reader It s worth a quick read for grown up girls, too, if only for the nostalgia.

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    We didn t even talk about this one on the podcast and I re read it just cuz OH MOLLY your life is very chill compared to Addy s but I still love you.

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    So I starting this book once upon a time because I thought the girl had my name, I was maybe 7 at the time so you ll have to forgive me Finally finished this many years later and it wasn t as boring as I thought it was It s very nice and simple Molly is a normal girl growing up in the middle of WWII, her father is away and there is a mentioning of food rations She doesn t like her brother and her older sister is acting like she s a grown up now basic sibling stuff while she can t figure out what she and her friends should be for Halloween.There really isn t much else to say since it was so short but I liked it It s about family and friends and getting along I might read the rest of Molly s story Good for young girls though I think people know that already.

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    It was really good I liked the part when they went trick or treating

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    It was not too long ago that I came upon some very sad news, American Girl Dolls get retired I was shocked and saddened by this when I learned that great characters such as Felicity, Kirsten and Samantha have all been retired Yet, saddest news of all is next up to be retired is Molly McIntire Why is this the saddest news of all Molly is my favorite American Girl from the entire collection In a lot of ways I felt like I was Molly because she was the girl with stick straight brown hair that she hated because it was so flat and boring and the girl with glasses Molly was a girl who was imaginative and had two best friends that she did almost everything with just like me Only difference in my mind was that she had grey eyes while I didn t, lived in World War II and had siblings to wrestle with as well Yes in some ways major differences, but still Molly was the girl I identified with the most, living during a period of history that fascinated me the most It is because of my love for this character growing up and even to this day that I decided to read back through some of her books to give Molly a fitting farewell He books will always live on according to the American Girl website but still it is not the same because when another little girl falls in love with Molly and wants to be just like her and have the doll just like her it won t be available Needless to say I own a Molly doll and getting her was a huge deal for me Picking up the first book in the series I was hit with a flood of memories having forgotten much of the story I forgot how she had siblings to wrestle with I forgot that her first story was set in Halloween and how she wanted to be my favorite fairy tale princess Cinderella So it was nice to re explore the story and drudge up the old feelings such as her hatred for turnips which I did happen to recall of all things It was a simple and happy read as Molly was very much a classic nine year old girl dealing with a pain in the butt older brother In a way as I read I was transported back to being that nine year old girl who first started reading the book on the floor of her teacher s class room thinking , this girl is exactly like me she looks like me and reacts the same way I would to this situation My only complain about the book was the ending and not because it ended but because it was a quick and convenient wrap up It is something that does happen in a lot of books that are trying to teach a quick little lesson After reading an entire story about Molly and her brother fighting and getting back at each other to finally make up the moment after mom gives them a lecture about getting along and setting them to chores as punishment for their misbehavior I don t have any siblings but from what I know of sibling rivalry this isn t a very accurate portrayal The one saving grace that did keep things from being too over the top was the fact that Molly and her brother Ricky did find a bit of common ground before agreeing to not fight any , so the hug and make up scene wasn t too over the top and random Overall, I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars and strongly recommend this book to any brown haired girl, or really any young girl because the American Girl book to me always seem to be rather relate able and fun to read while teaching about interesting times in American History I particularly love that not only do you get a mostly realistic story that shows off the way life was during that time period there is an entire section at the end all about life during that time with images of thing and people during that time period.

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    I was a big American Girl fan when I was a little kid I never owned any of the dolls, but enjoyed every series of chapter books and give them partial credit for my love of historical fiction Not only were they well written, engaging, and historically educational, but the books present balanced, healthy views of a myriad of topics One of them is gender I love how each girl had a different personality, circumstance, and set of interests The American Girls consist of no ideal female cookie cutter pattern of any kind This Molly book opens with her dreaming of a pink Cinderella dress for Halloween, but she enjoys outdoor activities and wears plaid shirts and jeans for much of the series One does not have to be a girly girl or a tomboy, a girl subconsciously picks up you can just be you The heroines have appropriate senses of self, healthy friendships with other females, and relationships of mutual respect and affection with father figures American Girl is not responsible for my outlook on human relationships, but these books model positive interactions instead of portraying women as victims or men as oppressors Nor do they give into Family Angst and Drama like many other chapter books I can honestly say that I got part of my healthy mindset about what it means to be a woman from these series about little girls.Molly was always my favorite During my embarrassingly stereotypical horse phase, excitement about Felicity overshadowed for a while, but I always knew Molly was the best I had round glasses just like hers when I was little, and I m sure that in this first book, the phrase about Molly s warm turnips fogging up her glasses won me over I related strongly to Molly s personality and outlook on life, and the World War II story captured my imagination A few years later, I would read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and I already had a mental context for that time in history Those books combined developed my long lasting love for that time period and interest in the war s history.Last year, I learned that Molly was retired and bought the doll for myself while I still could Even though she s only a decoration, an idea I would have scorned as a kid, it is special to me to have her in my room and change her clothes occasionally, often thinking how much this character influenced me I hope I have daughters someday so that I can share this doll and books with them.

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    I don t really care for Halloween or Halloween stories And I don t quite understand Molly She s kind of mean Allison just wants a friend, she s an only child who is lonely Molly treats her like she acts better than everyone when she doesn t much Molly actually acts like she s better than everyone else at times, trying to be Cinderella and make her friend be the ugly Oops I mean stepsisters.When Ricky and Molly started this whole prank war I thought the punishment the mother gave her brother was pretty fair It actually kind of shocked me to see Molly s friend say You were right Molly, She was way too easy on him and then take matters into their own hands causing trouble for everyone, even her sister and sisters friend, who had no part in the whole prank war I do like how the mom handed the situations both times I am hopeful the next books will be better The forties are probably the decade I m most interested in.

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    As a child, I used to read the American Girl book series and I really enjoyed doing so.I believe that 4th 5th grade students will enjoy reading these types of books As I reread this book, I noticed how Molly s story can be used as a connection to what American families went through during WWII In Molly s story, we learn how her father is serving the country by being a doctor somewhere in Europe We also learn what families used to do back home to help support their troops For example, families created their own Victory Gardens in order to not buy canned foods since the material used for cans could be used for war equipment I feel that this book can give young girls a perspective of what it was to live during WWII.

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    I LOVE this book I m not even gonna write a proper review All I m going to say is that, if not for this book, I wouldn t be a voracious reader This was the first novel I ve read and I wanted to keep it so badly that I stole it from our school s library Luckily, our librarian wasn t too keen on checking out missing books from the shelvesso there I know I know That was bad of me.

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    Reading this series now with my daughter Her grandmother, who was born in the late 1940s and is fascinated with all things WWII, gave her the set It s a great way to introduce concepts of recent, global history and social science because Molly and her story are engaging and relatable to a 21st century girl Looking forward to the other books

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