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Hell on a Leash chapter 1 Hell on a Leash , meaning Hell on a Leash , genre Hell on a Leash , book cover Hell on a Leash , flies Hell on a Leash , Hell on a Leash d5b6a1f283621 They Are Called The Four The Most Dangerous Brigands To Ever Plague The Trading Routes Between The Three Kingdoms Hailing From Diverse Backgrounds, They Have In Common Only Brute Strength, Consummate Skill, And Ruthless DriveWhen Great Success Brings Them A Bit Too Much Attention, The Leaders Prepare To Disband Their Marauders And Move On To Safer Lands But By A Twist Of Fate, They Become Enslaved By An Evil Greater Than Themselves Now They Re Trapped Between Their Supernatural Master And An Elite Legion Formed To Hunt Them Down In This Crucible Only One Thing Is Certain Most Will Not Survive

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